We wanted to make everyone aware that we have a new motorcycle on display in the lobby that has a lot of historical significance. This bike is on loan from American Suzuki and was brought to Mechanix Wear for display through the efforts of Ray Tetherton of Suzuki and our own Brian Lunniss.

This bike is one that Ricky Carmichael rode in his last career professional motocross race at the Motocross of Nations held at Budds Creek, MD in September 2007. I think most of you are aware that Ricky is the most successful motocross racer in history and to have on display the last bike he raced is a huge honor. The bike is exactly how it was the day Ricky led the American team to its 19th victory in the world’s most prestigious annual international race.

Ricky, however, was not the last person to ride this bike. That honor went to his long time mechanic, Mike Gosselaar. The Suzuki team arranged for Mike to be the last person to ride RC’s last race bike, the day after the MX of Nations, on the same track that Ricky rode the bike to victory less than 24 hours earlier. Mike has been a great user and supporter of Mechanix Wear and our products for many years.