Mechanix Wear Expands Beyond Hand Protection, Unveils “Mechanix Wear Vision Safety Eyewear”

Safety Eyewear the Newest Expansion of Mechanix Wear’s Growing Portfolio of Products

Valencia, CA… Today, Mechanix Wear, a premium provider of personal protective equipment (PPE), announced the launch of another new product category: Safety Eyewear. The brand, which is known for starting the high performance cut and sewn protective glove category and championing everyone who works with their hands, has been growing at a significant pace, with the recent acquisition of the protective apparel brand Chicago Protective Apparel and product expansion into various categories like welding, cold weather and coated string-knit performance work gloves.

The introduction of Mechanix Wear Vision Safety Eyewear has been met with early accolades and swift commitments and adoption across large multinational distributors and wholesalers eager to offer higher quality eyewear options in a category currently estimated at $1.3B and forecasted to grow at a global CAGR of 3%.

Mechanix Wear brings over 30 years of design thinking and passion creating trusted hand protection to the eyewear category. One of the distinguishing features of the product offering, is its proprietary mold design. Engineers and designers spent more than two years of in-house research and design development along with real worker feedback and testing to build a product line that is truly innovative. The design approach embodied Mechanix Wear’s historic focus on Fit, Feel, and Function by addressing the anatomy of the human head, the intricacy of eye and the vulnerability of an improperly protected worker all while striving for extreme comfort.

This means that customers and fans of the Mechanix Wear brand will enjoy the same qualities they have come to trust in Mechanix Wear – quality materials, superior fit and feel, premium technologies, as well as eye-catching design aesthetics that elevates the personal protective category beyond commodity purchases.

 “After two years of incubation, we’re proud to release this innovative line of safety eyewear and to truly take our Trusted Protection beyond working hands. We’ve invested the time and resources, committed to only the best materials and technologies, and transferred over 30 years of experience focusing on the Fit, Feel, and Function of gloves into the Vision product line. And people can tell right away. There’s a noticeable difference with all our products when you compare them to the rest of the market,” said Michael Hale, CEO of Mechanix Wear. “The positive feedback we’re getting from everyone who’s trialed Vision is so rewarding for the entire team who worked to create the product line. Our customers trust us with protecting their hands, and now we plan to earn that trust with protecting their eyes.”

The Mechanix Wear Vision Safety Eyewear line is customized across the same core channels of business their hand protection is currently found: consumer-retail, industrial-safety and federal-tactical.

The industrial product assortment is an exciting new option for workers in construction, manufacturing, mining, utilities, and a variety of other industrial settings. These products are engineered for use, but made to withstand abuse with certified impact protection as well as best-in-class anti-fog technology.

The consumer offering emphasizes performance and design, allowing hobbyists and at-home warriors to affordably work safely, without compromising style or comfort.

The tactical lineup has a continued focus on concealment and ballistic rated products designed to address the rising instances of eye injuries and prevalence of eyesight disorders.

Mechanix Wear Vision Safety Eyewear will be launching internationally in a phased approach spanning throughout 2022, and is available now across the United States.

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