At Mechanix Wear we believe every toolbox is a signature. A beacon that guides you. A testament to past projects and future builds. We understand that when it comes to your tools, it's all about trust. Introducing our flagship The OriginalFastFit and M-Pact work gloves built with DuraHide™ genuine leather. Our most trusted work gloves built with rugged DuraHide leather provide CE Level 4 Abrasion Resistance so you can handle rough materials and operate heavy tools across a range of tasks.

DuraHide is rated CE Level 4 for Abrasion Resistance & is completely Machine Washable

As with all Mechanix Wear gloves, our DuraHide work gloves are designed for a range of hardworking hands from skilled trade professionals to weekend warriors. The hide is treated to be machine washable and resist water to keep the leather from cracking or splitting over time. This allows the leather to remain soft and pliable while you work in a range of environments and conditions. When it comes to leather gloves, DuraHide is porous and will soften to create a custom fit unique to the way you work.