Brian Lunniss has dedicated his life to spinning wrenches and rolling out winning machines on race day. His days as a championship Motocross mechanic, trainer and mentor has set the bar for factory mechanics in the sport today. Brian created an atmosphere tuning for the likes of Donnie Hanson, Bob Hannah, Ricky Johnson, and Damon Bradshaw where he walked away with 11 championships from 1971 to 1997. His transition from two wheels to four first landed him in IndyCar as a suspension technician for Dan Gurney's All American Racers team. In 1999, Brian packed his tools and joined Joe Gibbs Racing where he won a NASCAR championship with Bobby Labonte in 2000. 

The Award

In the sport of racing, you won't find too many awards beyond the drivers, owners and crew chiefs. The Brian Lunniss Lifetime Achievement Award is dedicated to the hardest working hands in racing. The unsung hereos of motorsports. Those who possess exceptional drive and inspire the team to win. The Brian Lunniss Award is reserved for motorsport mechanics who demonstrate remarkable achievement during their career. Ted Abdon Director of Mechanix Wear Racing:

"Brian's the epitome of the award. We want to give back to those people in all forms of racing who helped us make the best products for mechanics. When you put his name on it, his success, his determination, his drive; you know exactly why that person is getting the award."

The Highlights

  • 1978 European National Championship
  • 1982 Supercross Championship
  • 1982 250cc National Championship
  • 1986 Supercross Championship
  • 1986 250cc National Championship
  • 1987 250cc National Championship
  • 1987 500cc National Championship
  • 1988 Supercross Championship
  • 1988 500cc National Championship
  • 1988 World Supercross Championship
  • 1989 World Supercross Championship
  • 2000 NASCAR Winston Cup Championship