Las Vegas (January 2014) – SHOT Show marks a new year of innovative products for law enforcement, the armed forces, shooting, hunting and outdoor trade. Mechanix Wear, the leader in high performance hand protection, helps protect hands in this diverse industry with purpose built gloves utilizing the most advanced materials and manufacturing processes.


Mechanix Wear introduces the FastFit®, Original®, and M-Pact® glove models with MultiCam® transitional camouflage to complete the soldier’s kit, from head to toe. Developed to effectively disguise the wearer across varied environments, MultiCam® takes advantage of the human eye and how the brain perceives shape, volume and color. The integration of MultiCam® into Mechanix Wear hand protection helps maintain the patterns’ effectiveness in the operating environment.

Mechanix Wear’s MultiCam® glove line includes three core models:

MultiCam® FastFit

Lightweight and dexterous, the FastFit® provides service members with an unbelievable fit and easy on/off flexibility. The anatomically cut two-piece palm eliminates material bunching for maximum control and improved manual operation. Breathable TrekDry® material with MultiCam® transitional camouflage form-fits the hand ensuring a comfortable fit in any environment. A convenient nylon cord loop is positioned beneath the wrist to be secured to the soldier’s personal equipment.

MultiCam® Original

The Original® glove revolutionized the hand protection industry with its versatile design and has faithfully served its users ever since. Durable synthetic leather extends the life of the glove and breathable TrekDry® material with MultiCam® transitional camouflage form-fits the top of the hand. The Original® provides unmatched fit, feel and functionality so the user can focus on what lies down range.

MultiCam® M-Pact

The M-Pact® protects service members against common impact and abrasion injuries in the field with flexible Thermoplastic Rubber on the fingers and knuckles. MultiCam® transitional camouflage is incorporated into the knuckle guard for complete back-of-hand disguise. The uniquely designed Impact Guard™ protects the knuckle and frees the index finger enabling smooth trigger guard entry and mobility. We incorporated high-impact PORON® XRD® cushioning in the palm for added relief when the soldier is fully engaged.

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