John Force’s 8,000 horsepower nitro-breathing Funny Car dragster accelerates to 325mph in 4 seconds under 4.7 g-forces at launch. Yeah, that’s faster than the space shuttle or a jet fighter plane. The mechanics behind these monsters strip these machines down to the block and return it back to the line again all within 75 minutes (and you thought a 30 min oil service was quick).

Here’s a breakdown of the fastest hands in NHRA Drag Racing:

10 min:

  • Vehicle is towed and pulled into the pit area.

10-20 min:

  • Crew members remove the body from the chassis. The clutch tech removes the chassis tin, drive line and clutch assembly. The flywheel is removed, pressure plates are checked for damage and lever heights are re-adjusted.
  • Engine assemblers remove spark plugs, valve covers, fuel lines, air hoses, supercharger and cylinder heads for service.
  • A crew member dives underneath the dragster to drain the oil, remove the oil pan, service the bearings, remove all rod caps and push the pistons up towards the engine assembler above.

20-30 min:

  • The clutch tech re-assembles the clutch and adjusts clutch clearances and throttle bearing height
  • The engine assembler installs fresh cylinder heads and gaskets while another crew member inspects and installs the supercharger/blower.
  • The crew member underneath the dragster receives the new piston rack from the top engine assembler.
  • Body and tire crew set tire pressures, check spoiler height (top fuel), clean the body and inspect windshield quality.

30-40 min:

  • The dragster gets fresh oil and fuel.
  • The pilot climbs into the seat and the crew chief fires the engine with each crew member inspecting the dragster for leaks and temperature changes.
  • The crew chief and pilot inspect the data from the vehicle computer.

40-50 min:

  • Following the data check a crew member will drain and add fresh oil to the engine.
  • The engine assembler then checks torque and lash on the valve train and cylinder heads.
  • The tank is topped off with fuel and 16 fresh spark plugs are installed.

50-60 min:

  • The crew then installs the body and preps the parachute.

60-75 min:

  • The dragster is towed back to the staging lanes for liftoff.