M-Pact: The Undisputed Leader in Impact Protection

The undisputed leader in impact protection, redefined. The new M-Pact® is the most advanced impact-resistant work glove available today. Born in racing to provide ample dorsal protection and impact reduction when turning wrenches and operating power tools, the M-Pact has transcended its racing heritage to protect working hands in Automotive, Construction, Oil & Gas, Mining, and Defense industries.

The next generation of M-Pact gloves dissipate more blunt force impact energy than ever before. We redefined the exoskeleton to improve impact resistance and maintain dexterity that's second to none. True pinch-point fingertip protection and a new EN 13594 impact-rated knuckle design make the M-Pact the most advanced impact glove today.

We updated our synthetic leather with carbon-infused touchscreen technology for 100% connectivity even as the material wears and gets dirty. We backed the M-Pact with breathable, functional TrekDry® to create a cool, comfortable fit that takes a beating. The working side is reinforced with Armortex® and padded with tried and true D3O® impact protection to help fight longterm joint damage.

The M-Pact standard is an amalgamation of design, technology, field testing, and some innovative thinking.

Enhanced Exo-Skeleton

Patented Impact-Guard

Redefined Anatomical Design

Double-Stitched Integrity

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