TAA M-Pact Covert Tactical Gloves

TAA M-Pact Covert Tactical Gloves

NSN & TAA Compliant

Mechanix Wear National Stock Numbers (NSN) are recognized by all NATO countries including United States Department of Defense.

DescriptionNational / NATO Stock NumberPart Number
M-Pact Covert, X-Small8415-01-610-7322GVMP-PKF55-007
M-Pact Covert, Small8415-01-610-7325GVMP-PKF55-008
M-Pact Covert, Medium8415-01-610-7323GVMP-PKF55-009
M-Pact Covert, Large8415-01-610-7324GVMP-PKF55-010
M-Pact Covert, X-Large8415-01-610-7326GVMP-PKF55-011
M-Pact Covert, XX-Large8415-01-610-7327GVMP-PKF55-012

Mechanix Wear's TAA compliant work gloves and tactical gloves are approved to be acquired by the United States Government. Authorized GSA customers can purchase Mechanix Wear TAA gloves via GSA Advantage!®.

TAA or the Trade Agreements Act (19 U.S.C. & 2501-2581), is intended to encourage fair and open international trade. TAA specifies that the U.S. Government may only acquire U.S. made products or designated TAA country end products. The Trade Agreements Act requires contractors to certify that each end product meets the applicable requirements.

DescriptionTAA Part Number
The Original Covert, SmallMG-F55-008
The Original Covert, MediumMG-F55-009
The Original Covert, LargeMG-F55-010
The Original Covert, X-LargeMG-F55-011
The Original Covert, XX-LargeMG-F55-012
FastFit Covert, SmallMFF-F55-008
FastFit Covert, MediumMFF-F55-009
FastFit Covert, LargeMFF-F55-010
FastFit Covert, X-LargeMFF-F55-011
FastFit Covert, XX-LargeMFF-F55-012
M-Pact Covert, SmallMPT-F55-008
M-Pact Covert, MediumMPT-F55-009
M-Pact Covert, LargeMPT-F55-010
M-Pact Covert, X-LargeMPT-F55-011
M-Pact Covert, XX-LargeMPT-F55-012
M-Pact 2 Covert, SmallMP2-F55-008
M-Pact 2 Covert, MediumMP2-F55-009
M-Pact 2 Covert, LargeMP2-F55-010
M-Pact 2 Covert, X-LargeMP2-F55-011
M-Pact 2 Covert, XX-LargeMP2-F55-012
M-Pact 3 Covert, SmallMP3-F55-008
M-Pact 3 Covert, MediumMP3-F55-009
M-Pact 3 Covert, LargeMP3-F55-010
M-Pact 3 Covert, X-LargeMP3-F55-011
M-Pact 3 Covert, XX-LargeMP3-F55-012
The Original Coyote, SmallMG-F72-008
The Original Coyote, MediumMG-F72-009
The Original Coyote, LargeMG-F72-010
The Original Coyote, X-LargeMG-F72-011
The Original Coyote, XX-LargeMG-F72-012
FastFit Coyote, SmallMFF-F72-008
FastFit Coyote, MediumMFF-F72-009
FastFit Coyote, LargeMFF-F72-010
FastFit Coyote, X-LargeMFF-F72-011
FastFit Coyote, XX-LargeMFF-F72-012
M-Pact Coyote, SmallMPT-F72-008
M-Pact Coyote, MediumMPT-F72-009
M-Pact Coyote, LargeMPT-F72-010
M-Pact Coyote, X-LargeMPT-F72-011
M-Pact Coyote, XX-LargeMPT-F72-012

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