Whether you report to the jobsite or to the missus, our Leather FastFit work gloves have you covered from the yard to the jobsite. Working hands around the world reach for the FastFit work glove for its lightweight design and convenient stretch-elastic closure. Let's face it, when it comes to work gloves, you want them to fit and you want them to last.

Well, the all-new Leather FastFit® work glove is just that. Comfortable, light in weight and built with rugged DuraHide™ genuine leather. DuraHide leather is porous and softens while you work. DuraHide is treated to resist water and prevent the hide from cracking or splitting over time. If you're a leather guy, you know how bad water is for leather work gloves. DuraHide™ gloves are machine washable, and if you report to the missus, an occasional wash goes a long way.

The Leather FastFit

  • $24.99 USD
  • Comfortable stretch elastic cuff provides easy on and off flexibility.
  • Form-fitting TrekDry® material keeps your hands cool and comfortable while you work.
  • DuraHide™ leather thumb reinforcement.
  • Pinched fingertip construction improves fingertip strength.
  • Anatomically designed two-piece palm eliminates material bunching in the palm.
  • DuraHide™ leather palm provides extreme abrasion resistance.
  • Machine washable.