Motivation For Innovation

Mechanix Wear is dedicated to providing gloves that help you work faster, safer and cleaner. Our motivation spawns from the working individuals that use our products which is why Mechanix Wear continues to redefine the state of high performance hand protection. Feedback is greatly appreciated and crucial to the development of comfort, durability, and protection and its letters like the one below that continue to motivate us to innovate.

From: Lance Corporal Recon Marine

To: Paula Customer Service Manager


Hey Paula,

I couldn't help myself and had to share my story with Mechanix Wear. I am a Recon Marine based out of Joliet, IL and was conducting training in California. So there I was manning and about to shoot my .50 cal machine gun for like the 4th time that day. When supposedly a round fired out of battery and caused the gun to malfunction. It basically exploded in the gun itself and in my face. All of the blast and gun powder was extracted through the ejection port where the shells normally come out of when a round is fired. The blast and powder literally peppered my left hand and I probably would have lost some fingers if I wasn't wearing any gloves. I’m wearing the Mechanix Wear M-Pact gloves and I am extremely happy I was. I just want to share my story and thank Mechanix Wear. Let’s just say I bought a new pair of gloves and will continue to use them in training and in Afghanistan where my unit is heading. Thanks again!

- LCPL Recon Marine