The Station Fire Tree Planting Event:

Mechanix Wear donated 120 pairs of high performance work gloves to members of the Starbucks Volunteer Team participating in a 2 day planting event. The teams consist of 75 eligible staff members from Starbucks locations in the Santa Clarita Valley. Well over 160,000 acres were burned in the historic Station Fire of 2009 and is known to be the largest fire in the modern history of Los Angeles County. The Angeles Forest has a major impact on the lives of Los Angeles residents and is vital for providing 35% of the countries drinking water and 72% of its open space.

The U.S Forest Service and TreePeople will begin a three year project to restore areas within the region that have been unable to recover naturally. TreePeople volunteers plan to raise nearly 70,000 of the seedlings planned for the Angeles Forest. This massive effort known as Forest Aid: Angeles is a follow-up to a similar project that took place in the San Bernardino National Forest where volunteers teamed up with TreePeople, the Forest Service, and the San Bernardino National Forest Association raised nearly 50,000 seedlings in 2009-2010.

Replanting will bring these mountain forests back to health so they can continue to produce oxygen, filter pollutants, reduce the negative effects of global warming, provide a habitat for wildlife, and replenish groundwater supplies. Ultimately, Mechanix Wear is pleased to donate gloves to people that are making a difference.


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