ORHD Knit CR5 | Powerful and Precise Drilling Gloves

ORHD Knit CR5 | Powerful and Precise Drilling Gloves

Grip. Cut. Impact. Fueling America with black gold is no small task. It's accomplished by the hands of hardworking roughnecks on land and at sea, shift after shift. In an industry prone to hand injuries, it's no surprise safety managers are mandating rig hands to wear impact and cut-resistant work gloves on the job. That doesn't mean the guys on the rig are thrilled about it. Cheap, thin cotton gloves are hard to let go especially when your job requires powerful yet precise movements. Truth is, less isn't more and the lack of protective features found in standard work gloves put rig hands at severe risk of injury.

Not Your Average Knit Glove. The ORHD® Knit CR5 is engineered for the rig and qualified for the industry. The glove is constructed with a blend of high-tenacity composite yarns that provide a high-level of cut protection throughout the entire glove. CE level 5 cut resistance, in fact. The 13 gauge cut-resistant outer is layered with anatomical impact-resistant Thermoplastic Rubber. Flexible Thermoplastic Rubber serves as the first line of defense against forceful impact and crushing accidents by protecting the knuckles, metacarpals and fingertips. The nitrile coated palm is textured and equipped with 3 mm internal palm padding to help absorb shock and vibration and restore grip when in contact with drilling mud and oil. The ORHD Knit CR5 goes beyond exceptional cut and impact protection and offers heavy user's CE level 4 abrasion resistance, improving the life and longevity of the glove.


  1. MSRP $29.99
  2. Part # KHD-CR
  3. CE Level 5 cut resistance
  4. Thermoplastic Rubber knuckle and metacarpal impact protection
  5. Thermoplastic Rubber impact resistant finger guards.
  6. Thermoplastic Rubber pinch-point fingertip protection.
  7. Textured nitrile coated palm and fingers
  8. 3mm internal palm padding
  9. Extended cuff with Thermoplastic Rubber hook and loop closure
  10. Machine washable