Mechanix Wear Cold Weather Line

Mechanix Wear Cold Weather Line

The tiny hairs on your body stand on end, your body quivers, and your teeth chatter; when the mercury drops humans struggle to retain heat. The skin appears bloodless, muscles shiver to create heat and the threat of frostbite threaten toes, ears, and fingers. In severe weather, the body can experience a dramatic loss of heat, lowering the internal temperature of the body. The consequent drop in temperature of the inner core is known as Hypothermia. So, why are the extremities at the greatest risk?

Freezing injuries occur in the hands due to the lack of major muscles which utilize the bodies’ ability to preserve heat. The body will fight to preserve heat, favoring internal organs thus reducing blood flow to the hands, toes and ears. The hands have a higher surface area-to-volume ratio and tend to lose heat more rapidly. Cold environments challenge the worker in multiple ways:  air temperature, wind speed, and wetness. In order to counterbalance these factors, it’s important to have the proper insulation and protective equipment. Heat retention is crucial in cold working environments in order to prevent cold weather injuries. These types of injuries, particularly involving the hands, was our main focus when developing the Cold Weather Line.

Mechanix Wear's cold weather line consists of 5 uniquely designed gloves varying in protection and function. The Fleece Utility Glove was designed for light duty work around the home or garage when cooler temperatures are in effect. Comfort and warmth combine for a great-fitting fleece work glove where wet conditions are not an issue. When extra palm protection is needed, our all purpose Thermal Dip Knit Glove has you covered. This glove features a patented MicroFinish® palm coating for superior grip, flexibility and waterproof protection keeping your palm and fingers dry. The heavyweight knit shell with extended cuff offers breathable warmth when the temperature drops and is great for grabbing firewood, changing oil or anything in-between. Most importantly, this glove allows for great dexterity and comfort while secured under or over your jacket sleeve. When mother-nature refuses to back down and the cold wind causes your body to quiver, thicker insulation is needed to protect your hands against the elements. 

The Wind Resistant Glove acts as a barrier against wind chill and the frigid air with reinforced fingertips, heavier fleece, and rubberized water repellant palm. The blood in the body is sensitive to temperature changes of as little as .5 degrees Celsius and when working in harsh conditions the last thing you want to worry about is your hands. The Winter Armor Glove enables you to maintain your focus in harsh temperatures with its full nylon shell, wind resistant lining and water resistant rubberized palm. The Velcro closure allows for easy use with heavier winter jackets and prevents cold air, wind and snow from sneaking in. A dual layer rubberized panel in high wear areas and EVA foam accordion knuckle protection give the Winter Armor glove industrial strength where other winter work gloves fail. 

Exposed hands and raw weather just don’t mix so when the mercury drops and you need to work, the Winter Armor Pro is there to battle the elements. Featuring our specially designed, high abrasion Material4X® on the thumb and fingertips and an internal, anatomically placed palm padding for enhanced dexterity and vice grip relief. Internally, this glove is fleece-lined with 3M Thinsulate insulation and encased in a water repellent nylon shell for maximum warmth and wind resistance. Externally, additional protective features include an embossed Neoprene thumb panel for flexibility and warmth, full length Thermoplastic Rubber on the fingers and flexible accordion foam knuckle panel. Most importantly is the use of Material4X® and 3M C-40 Thinsulate insulation. The finger panels reinforced with Material4X® outlast natural leather and is a unique material found only with Mechanix Wear gloves. 3M Thinsulate built into the interior fleece and exterior nylon makes this glove tough but not bulky.

Mechanix Wear’s Cold Weather Line of gloves was designed to accommodate the glove user that demands different degrees of protection for different environments ranging from brisk, cold temperatures to breezy, wet, and extreme environments.  Are you prepared for the cold season?